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What is BTCWorm? user icon

BTCWorm is the most innovative crypto asset exchange service in the world. Our service is designed for secure and fast exchange of digital assets on the Internet. We aim to create an unrivaled e-currency experience and introduce users to the era of decentralized finance.

Create an invoice for payment user icon

Web exchanger BTCWorm provides the ability to issue an invoice in a digital currency convenient for you. You can choose from the following destinations: Bitcoin , Ethereum , USDT, Ripple , Monero , Cardano and many more. It is also possible to issue an invoice in rubles from different banks ( Sberbank , VTB, Post Bank and others). This service is useful for online stores and those who want to receive payment on a web resource. To create an account, follow the link , fill in the fields and click Create an account.


Do you require verification on your site? user icon

Verification on BTCWorm is an optional procedure, however, it may be required for some of the service’s functions, for example, for exchanging larger amounts.

Does your service have an affiliate program? user icon

Yes, BTCWorm has an affiliate program. Invite new users and get a set percentage of profit from your referral. Profit depends on the income received by the service when executing transactions attracted by the referral. You can learn more about the program in the Partners section.

I dont have a computer. Does your service have a mobile version? user icon

Yes, there is a mobile version of our service. You can take full advantage of our services even on your mobile device.

How to make an exchange over the limit? user icon

The BTCWorm digital asset service has a maximum value of each currency for exchange. On the issue of making an exchange in excess of the maximum value limit, please contact our online chat support service or through feedback in the Contacts section.

What are AML checks user icon

AML/KYC is a guarantee of transaction security. According to the AML policy, the crypto asset exchange service checks the wallet history of the user specified in the application. This is how we protect ourselves from illegal activities and ensure the transparency of transactions. You can read the AML/KYC Regulations here .

I entered the wrong details, what should I do? user icon

If you notice an error in the details, please contact our support immediately. Please provide the number of the application in which the mistake was made. If a lot of time has passed and the application has already been completed, then it will be impossible to return the funds. In any case, contact BTCWorm support.

Why was my application not completed? user icon

If your application was not processed or it was deleted, then the specified details may have turned out to be incorrect, or we are unable to transfer to the details you specified. In this case, you need to contact the BTCWorm support service or use the online chat.

How long does it take to transfer Bitcoin by network? user icon

Typically, a transaction takes from 3 minutes to several hours. The duration is affected by the load on the Bitcoin network, the commission you set for the transfer, as well as other factors.


For more convenient and faster cryptocurrency conversion, we have launched a Telegram bot! Now, every BTCWORM user can carry out the operation much faster!

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